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I love most of the shows on Animal Planet, but now I have to stop watching it because of them airing the show, MONSTERS INSIDE ME! The ads will pop up all of a sudden and just freak me out!

I close my eyes and plug my ears, I've got such a phobia about them! Who in their right mind would watch a show like that anyway, it's ridiculous!

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I love this show. Find it very interesting. It’s actually about the only show I watch on AP.


Same here, but its worse than that. Its also playing on Discovery Science too.

Its annoying and disgusting.

And it plays every few minutes. I bet you if people stopped watching these channels because of this sick commercial then they would remove it


I agree with these two viewers, I do not have any interest in the show Monsters Inside Me, so I simply do not watch it. I cannot watch other shows that I like because a commercial for the show comes up every other one. I am sure that people that like that crap at this point knows when the shows air, so knock off the commercials or you will lose more viewers

to Richard #1400407

They need to get rid of the insects and bugs and other things that do not interest me or I am going to stop watching Animal Planet. I agree a lot of the shows are great about animals but insects belong on a different Channel like National Geographic.

I really get sick to my stomach when I see insects. I just turn you off.


I totally agree with this viewer. It's a shame because I like most of the shows.

But I will not watch Animal Planet anymore because of that disgusting commercial!!! And it pops up every single commcial break!

It's turns my stomach! This commercial needs to be taken off before i loss interest in the network all together.

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