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i had seen many shows in animal planet, i like very show not nice, all are telling Procter the nature and wild life,but there is quite opposite in one show,two brother loins in big cats dairy, one lion is hunger for several day and it had past away, and animal planet is shooting camera how it is dining for hunger, we can give him some food and we can take care for medically,but we didn't do it. one life is gone, we are the nature to protect .

we all seeing all what happens. this show is not for destroy, we are making people to awareness of nature not to harm nature.

this type show should not reply . we are nature lovers

Product or Service Mentioned: Animal Planet Finding Bigfoot Tv Channel.

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Change your programming and get rid of the insects and I can't believe I am alive show. I thought this was supposed to be about animals not insects and gory things inside my body.

I don't watch it I shut it off and I won't watch it if you keep putting on insects.

Put it on the National Geographic show or somewhere else. Please Animal Planet two animals that have been interesting in the past.

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