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I normally love all the shows on Animal Planet. I like that they promote the safety and understanding of animals. Thus I am shocked to see Animal Planet promoting a show like Human Prey none stop. The commercial is terrible with snipits of interviews elluding to...
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Animal Planet Monsters Inside Me Tv Show Review

"Monster Inside Me" promos are disgusting! I enjoy a lot of your shows, but I cannot watch your network while MIM promos are playing. I tried to just turn away or change the channel but the first image is completely revolting and put me completely off your network this morning.
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Animal Planet Tv Show Review

The idiotic morons at Animal Planet fo not understand anything about trees houses. First, there are ABSOLUTELY NO FRICKING ANIMALS THAT LIVE IN TREE HOUSES. IF ANIMAL PLANET people read this, please go to Merriam Webster dot com, there might be able to understand what sn an animal. There are ABSOLUTELY NO ANIMALS that live in Tree Houses.
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I complained before when you took Orangutan Island and Chimp Eden off the air now you take Big Cat Diary off the air replace it with some Southern redneck garbage trash Show how dare you all you should be ashamed of yourselves that's disgusting I will never watch your...
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Me and my kids watch animal planet daily. Today I was disturbed to see that there is a naked show was on. Being naked isn't what disturbed me. A woman who claims she is a mother cold heartedly killed a baby bird. I was stunned that it was shown on TV and my children...
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I was watching a show with my kids about cut dogs called 'Too Cute' When a preview for a new show came on and it had a naked man and woman shown from behind. Is that *** really neccesary let alone appropriate! ? On animal planet not even HBO The show is called 'Naked...
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Haha what?! Calm your *** ***.

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