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I watched a new clip tonight with Dermot Mulroney. It was a disgrace!

I was heartbroken watching this poor dog. I was enjoying the show until I saw the clip with him and his 22-year-old dog who was blind, deaf, can barely walk and looks like he’s half dead! I hope animal rights advocates see this! It was total animal abuse.

That poor dog should be put out of its misery!! Then Dermot shows a clip of the dog barely being able to stand in the yard with his new puppy jumping on it. Dermot goes on to say help mean the dog used to be... it was like payback time for him.

I’ve lost all respect for that actor. I love Anthony in the show but it was a big turn off that he condoned this I hope something is done about this poor dog. Very shocked Animal Planet backs this up!

Very disappointing! I didn’t think they would stoop like alot of society and just go for ratings and greed over quality and values!

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